A Blog for a Blog?

One of our 2008 goals is to improve and open up various lines of communication between our clients and the QP team. Some of these initiatives include performing annual account reviews, participating as exhibitors at various conferences, hosting webinar training sessions, offering free survey building consulting sessions, and maintaining our dynamic QP blog.
Speaking of blogs……meet Ivana Taylor, one of our long standing clients…ivana.jpg
Ivana is the founder of a strategic marketing firm called Third Force. Ivana was also kind enough to blog about our team on her company’s Strategy Stew blog.
Ivana, thank you for the kinds words and we look forward to working closely with you and your firm in 2008.
The QuestionPro Team

One response to “A Blog for a Blog?

  1. Ivana Taylor

    Hi Guys! Thanks for the friendly post – I’m sorry to say that it took me until today to get to it. Have you done any posts on how to construct a good survey from scratch? I know you have lots of articles – but I’m specifically thinking about the tendency to ask too many questions then get garbage in – garbage out.