Free SMS Polling Tool : Conduct Mobile/SMS Surveys/Polls

We’ve decided to “eat” the costs associated with mobile/sms surveys and make this available at no extra cost — at least for the next couple of months. If you are not familiar with MicroPoll just goto

if you are a current QuestionPro/ContactPro subscriber, you can enable MicroPoll under your account — Click on the top left corner :

SMS Polling / Mobile Voting.
When you create a poll, you now have an option to enable SMS/Mobile voting on a poll. You need to register a name for your poll. This name is unique in our system and is used to identify your poll.

You can then tell everyone who wants to vote on the poll, to send a text message with your poll’s name to 77136 — This is a 5 digit “short code” that we’ve registered. Once users send the text message, and your poll is identified, the system will send the poll back to the user and they can then reply back with a vote.

See live example for the poll below: (To take this same poll via mobile/sms send poll to 77136

The SMS Polling tool is in beta. So, we would love to hear from you if you are having issues/problems etc.


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