Interactive Display Mode

Many a times a customer would have a long survey and would want to display only one question per page. Obviously possible, but you would need to place a page break after every question which is time consuming. So we thought of a solution and came up with the Interactive Display Mode. Now instead of adding page breaks to your survey all you need to do is go to Edit Survey >> Randomization Options >> Interactive Display Mode and select the one question/page option.


After that we had one more barrier: if we have respondents select one question per page and the survey is lengthy we would have frustrated respondents as they will have to keep selecting the answer option and clicking on continue. At this point we enhanced the one question/page so that as soon as the respondent would select the answer option the survey will auto submit and move forward.

QuestionPro is working on many more Interactive Display modes and as soon as we go live with anything new we will keep every one posted.

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