QuestionPro for Dummies Launched

We finally launched our newest book, “QuestionPro for Dummies”. Nine months in the making, we joined up with Wiley Publishing to put together a collection of our most frequently used help files, and “dummify” them.
I have to say, Wiley was so great to work with. Their team worked around our crazy schedule with ease, and dealt will all our excuses and whining to put together a really fun book (yes, I used the word “fun” to describe an online survey book).
What was our motivation for such a project? Its very simple: we wanted to create another corridor in which we can spin up people about our software quickly. Wiley gave us a book that people can hold in their hands (yes, rare for a SaaS Internet company), coupled with a brand that is synonymous with learning the basics.
If you’re interested in a copy, subscribe to our blog in the right hand nav, and we’ll send a book to you.

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