Seattle Startup Scene

Although we’ve been in Seattle for the past few years, we’ve not been really active in the startup/tech entrepreneur scene here. This is partly due to our own ignorance and partly due to the fact that we’ve not been funded by a VC  — to make the courtesy intros and shake hands and rub shoulders with the local who’s who.

One of my resolutions in 2008 has been to “get out” and get noticed at least locally — The catalyst was a conversation with 4 UW B-School grads who had a project on entrepreneurship. I knew one of them personally, a good friend of mine and he thought it would be good for the class group to talk to me about entrepreneurship and starting a company.  That really got me thinking about the outreach effort that we’ve done to network and connect with other local entrepreneurs, VCs etc. — Turns out NONE. We’ve been too busy just dealing with the day-to-day affairs of QuestionPro that we’ve not really even made and effort to network and reach out.

I figured that is a good time to start doing that. So I started looking around for resources and community discussion sites:

  1. Seattle 2.0 Starup Blog:

    This blog is run by Marcelo Calbucci, who is the Founder and CTO of Sampa. Sampa is a nifty Web 2.0 site for creating your own personal blog/site. It’s got elements of social networking baked in. If you need a quick website with ease of use and robust (self-service) functionality check out

    We also got listed in the Seattle 2.0 blog recently. He also published a SSI (Seattle Startup Index) — pretty innovative idea where he ranks companies according to the alexa/compete ranking. There are ~200 companies in the startup index. I would like to see companies ranked by revenue growth/profitability etc.– but obviously that cannot be automated and I am sure Marcello has better things to do. The alexa/compete should be functionally co-related to the health of a company.

    I really think that the Seattle 2.0 startup blog can be the mini/local version of TechCrunch (if it is not already.)

  2. NWEN – Northwest Entrepreenur Network — As the name suggests, its an association for local entrepreneurs. They host regular luncheons and breakfasts. We are not members (yet) — I am planning on heading to one of the breakfast meetings this Friday and see what happens.
  3. Alliance of Angels:The Alliance of angels is a community of Angel Investors. If you are looking to pitch for Angel funding, and you do not have the connections to get in front of Madrona, Polaris, Ignition, Voyeger etc. you can pitch it to the Alliance of Angels — For about 95 bucks. The site says it has about ~100 members — So at least your pitch will get in the email box of 100 or so angel investors. Last time I checked, a grande latte in Seattle cost about $3.28, so this is a pretty good deal for about a buck you at least get in front of an angel investor’s Inbox.
  4. John Cooks Venture Blog — As the name suggests, its a blog by PI Reporter (old school media 😉 — about the local startup scene. A good feed to subscribe to, if you want to keep a pulse on what is happening in Seattle.

If you have other comments on what else is out there, please feel free to post it as a comment, or better still post it on the Seattle2.0 blog. That’s probably the best convergence point for everything related to Seattle startups.


Found a couple of other networking sites:

  • Lunch 2.0 — bList is sponsoring the next luncheon but it’s oversubscribed.
  • sFive — They are putting together another event this Wednesday.


Found another site:

  • Seattle Tech Startups — They meet usually once a month for about 2 hours. Usually a presentation followed by beers etc.

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