Partnership with Sage Publishing for Venture Design/Conjoint Analysis by Anne Marie Knott

We are trying out an exciting new model with Sage Publishing for QuestionPro.

I’ve had this idea for a long time about integrating QuestionPro with academic text books. I know a lot of our users are academic either through the MBA programs, or through social science research, public health etc. That is the primary reason why we give away Free Student Licenses, University Sponsorship Licenses as well as Non-Profit Licenses.

A few months ago, I was approached by Anne Marie Knott, who’s written a book on startup ventures, entrepreneurship — Venture Design. Actually, I had talked to her almost 3 years ago about this model, and thankfully she remembered the idea and got in touch with me as she is about to release a new and updated edition of the book later this year. She and I started discussing options to enhance her book offering and after some wrangling (things get a little complicated when you have an Author, a publisher and a software provider trying to work out an agreement) — we’ve come up with a plan that we all think can be interesting.

All customers who purchase the book automatically get a free customized license (With Conjoint Analysis Enabled) for QuestionPro for 6 months. This is very similar to our University Partnership License, except that this one will have Conjoint Enabled. We’ve traditionally offered Conjoint as an Add-On to our Enterprise License with customized research support. Here we are departing from our current model and will be offering it for free to users who purchase the book — More on why we do not offer Conjoint along with the regular self-service licenses later.

The book is slated to be published later this year. Here are some details on the Venture Design Book:

Now, back to Conjoint. We’ve traditionally not offered Conjoint with other licenses because of the support requirements. You don’t need a PhD to understand Conjoint Analysis but by the same token, you do need a level of understanding of statistics and modeling that is far beyond frequency analysis. Conjoint is a tough concept to understand and there are lots of variables and issues that need to be considered and addressed. This is the primary reason (and believe me, we’ve tried) we’ve traditionally moved away from offering Conjoint as a self-service license and offer it only as part of consulting engagements that we undertake.

Now, why are we deviating (With this book agreement?) — Well for one, we know that that this book will give a practical demonstration of Conjoint and price-sensitivity/curve modeling. Secondarily, we believe that (in the long run) we can make conjoint more self-serve oriented. This can be a good step in the right direction.

If you are publishing material (books, articles etc.) and would like to include QuestionPro Licenses along with (as an add-on) please feel free to contact me and we can see if we can work something out.

Please use the email address below:

blog [at] surveyanalytics [dot] com

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