Email List Management Enhancements

As many of you have noticed (and commented) we’ve made some significant changes and updates to the email list management interface for survey delivery. Most of it is centered around usability but there are some functions that have been added:
What we’ve launched so far:
Automatic Duplicated checking and removal
Ability to View/Download Specific Email Addresses based on Status(Bounced/Active/Unsubscribe)
On-Click removal of Bounced and Duplicate email addreses

Bulk Unsubscribe Option
When users email you personally to take them off the email list

Automated Import Tool:
Use this option if you have a different system of collecting email addresses and you’d like to integrate the upload of emails into QuestionPro. Simply send a pre-formatted CSV file as an attachment to a specified email address, and the QuestionPro system will do the rest — Upload emails into the email list, and send out the survey to all of them.

Where we are headed:
We’ll be launching an expanded set of functionality by the end of the year, to accommodate the following:

  • List Signup Widget (A Widget that you can post on site for easy email address collection)
  • List Signup Page (A HTML Page, hosted by QuestionPro) for enabling users to directly signup with your list.
  • Double-Opt-In verification and confirmation.

We already have these features enabled on ContactPro — Our Email Marketing tool, we’ll be releasing them on QuestionPro also soon.

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