QuestionPro Turns 5

Yes, it seems like just yesterday we launched this fledgling operation off the ground, but it has actually been 5 years in the making now. We’re excited about the progress that’s been made, but we are even more excited about the future of QuestionPro and the online research space in general. Conducting surveys and gleaning answers from the the internet in practically real-time is truly revolutionary…sometimes more than we even appreciate. Our plan is to continue on our path by constantly testing the limits of where, when, and how we get this information. Every day we get new ideas from our users and work like gangbusters to deliver the software to make them happen.
As always, we will stay true to the strategy that we adopted from the start:
“Our long term strategy is to operate tactically in the short term.”
Meaning, if you have a long term strategy as an internet company, your customers are more than likely suffering a serious lag in productivity while they wait for version 6 dot whatever. Ideas need to be delivered to the end user in internet time. This is what makes it exciting to work in the this space and this is what makes it fun for our team to show up and make things happen.
Big thanks to our customers for sharing in this vision.

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