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It’s been a while since we posted some details about our up and coming features — So here it goes. We’re planning on providing a single-click solution for providing gift coupons to your survey participants.
Needless to say, survey incentives are the easiest and smartest way to increase your response rates to your surveys. If you look at it from a puristic cost/benefit model (and the No-Free-Lunch model) you need to compensate your participants in some way for their time.
Many of our customers go with a raffle/pick-a-winner mechanism — while this is better than nothing, most people are wary of such schemes and generally do not trust them at all.
The Amazon Gift Couple Solution has a existing program whereby you can purchase $5000 worth of gift certificates (in any denomination — $5, $10 or $20 etc.) and they essentially give you an Excel file with the 13 digit alphanumeric codes (coupons) that can be used as cash on
Why Amazon?
Very simple — Its the same as cash — with easy and electronic fulfillment. Amazon sells everything from baby diapers to books to motorcycles!
What about security — Multiple respondents, forwarding to a friend etc.?
A lot of it depends upon how the survey is setup. We obviously strongly recommend that ABBS (Anti-Ballot-Box-Stuffing) options be enabled on surveys that give out automatic coupons. We also will be putting in place an email verification mechanism – this will be done so that the gift coupon can be emailed to the respondent. We’ll obviously reject duplicate email addresses and multiple email addresses from the same IP etc.
Pilot Program
This Amazon Coupon integration is a new feature and if you/your company is interested in participating with is on a pilot project, we would love to do a joint project with you. If you are planning to launch a survey in the next month (August 2007 time frame) please contact me and we’ll setup a pilot project with the coupon integration on your survey.
Couple of quick/basic requirements:
1) Payment for the Gift Coupons must be made by Check before the launch of the project.
2) The current denomination for the gift certificates is $5.
3) The minimum for the pilot project is 200 coupons — Basically $1000.
4) The project must be launched in the August 2007 time frame.
5) Must have a QuestionPro Corporate or Enterprise License.
If you have a project in mind that can fit the above requirements please feel free to contact me directly. Please send an email to :
blog-response [at] surveyanalytics [dot] com

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  1. Hi, I work on a project at the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare and our timeframe is for September 2007. Would we be eligible for this if we’re interested?