Standardized Reference Data Lookup

We just launched a hot new tool for data-validation — The “Reference Data” question type.
The Reference Data Question Type is used to collect/validate data against “standardized” databases — for example US Zip Codes.
For example, if you wanted to ask users their Zip Code and wanted to validate (to make sure that the data entered is correct) against the standard US Postal Service Zip Code database you can use the Reference Data question type for this.
We’ve currently integrated with :
US Zip Code (Postal Service)
Canadian Postal Codes
Australian Post Codes
It turns out that for some countries this data is actually NOT in the public domain. In the UK the Royal Post has a copyright on this data and sells is commercially. The licensing of the data is too complicated for us to even deal with it.
Here is a survey that uses the Zip Code:
Reference Data Question Type

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