Google Launches Student Survey — Powered By QuestionPro

We are pretty excited about the launch of a survey that Google is rolling out to give students a voice in the decision making process of their universities technology. The survey attempts to gather feedback from students all across the US about how they feel about their campus IT — things like University Email, Chat and collaboration tools provided by the universities.
Up until today students usually did not play a significant role, neither were their opinions gathered, in the decisions that university IT staff took regarding the technology needs of the students. The Google Apps Education Edition (which by the way we here at QuestionPro use the commercial version extensively and it rocks) is now available to Universities to implement as part of their technology plans.
What makes this survey so different than other surveys? Two things :
1) Dynamic Lookup Table
The list of all universities in the United States is over 4000. To effectively analyze and present data, we wanted a mechanism to present all the 4000 universities and have users choose from them. Obviously a list with 4000 items in a drop-down list is not feasible. We custom developed a Dynamic Lookup Table that first asks students for the “State” where they are going to school, and then automatically shows all the universities in that state. This mechanism allows for capturing structured data from a very large data source — in this case a list of over 4000 universities and colleges by sub-segmenting/categorizing them on the state level.
2) Customized Spotlight Report
As many of you are probably aware of the Spotlight Report functionality within QuestionPro — respondents can see where they stand (relative to all the others) who took the survey. The basic version of the Spotlight Report compares the respondents data against the entire dataset — all the users who have taken the survey. In this case however we wanted to compare against all the others from the same college or university that the respondent choose.
We customized the Spotlight Report to compare against a dynamic sub-set as defined by the survey respondents. After finishing the survey, a Spotlight Report was produced that compared the data against all others who chose the same college.
Google Student Survey
Spotlight Report
Dynamic Lookup Tables

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  1. kevin prentiss

    Sounds great! Anyway that we can see the results of the survey?