Our First Webinar — What we learned.

We had our first webinar yesterday (Tuesday, Feb 27th) — It was called “Analyzing Data using QuestionPro”
We wanted to share some of the highlights and lessons that we learned in putting together this webinar. This was the first time we’ve done a webinar — we’ve done a lot of One-On-One web demos with conference calls to clients, however this was the first time we ventured into the realm of webinars.
The first issue was to select a software platform for the webinar itself. We use GotoMeeting for our Web Demos and Training sessions — so like all smart folks we googled “webinar software” and saw GotoWebinar there – promptly signed up and paid the good folks at Citrix (GotoMeeting & GotoWebinar is owned by Citrix) 99 bucks.
We had a good number of users signup to come to the webinar – About 70 or so users signed up. In the end, about 35 users actually came to the webinar. We all thought 35 was a good number for our first webinar!
The PowerPoint presentation was prepared and one of the mistakes we made was to assume at each slide will take about 3-5 minutes. This turned out to be a mistake and we should have done a couple of practice runs. We went through the slides a lot faster than we anticipated.
A lot of good questions were asked by the participants via Chat. We later realized that not all participants knew how to use the chat feature to ask questions. In hindsight, we should have explained the GotoWebinar Chat feature to the participants.
All in-all we think it was a good first webinar. We’ve posted the link to the Presentation and also the link to the recorded webinar here:
We’ve learnt a lot about putting together webinars and getting the small things right. We’ll definitely address those issues and improve on our execution the next time. We’ll have at least 2 presenters next time with one of them leveraging the chat questions to engage the audience while the other presenter keeps the webinar on schedule.
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