1% of QuestionPro’s Revenues…

Along the same lines as 1% for the Planet (http://www.onepercentfortheplanet.org), the QuestionPro team has collectively decided on a plan to donate 1% of our gross revenues to assorted causes. We initially were planning on joining 1% for the Planet, but we decided everyone in the company should have a say on where they would personally like to donate their portion of the company’s overall donation. Everyone chose a cause that they had a personal interest…some were environmental, some medical, some for the good of art, etc. etc. Here are some sample beneficiaries this year.
Sankara Eye Foundation (http://www.giftofvision.org/)
Sandpoint Arts Alliance (http://www.artsalliance.info/)
Scotchman Peaks Wilderness (http://www.scotchmanpeaks.org/)
NRDC (http://www.nrdc.org/)
Alzheimer Association (http://www.alz.org/)
Feels good to get out there and give back this time of year. We encourage everyone to take a look at 1% for the Planet or maybe just create their own plan like we did. 1% for the Planet was started by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia. If you need inspiration on making this happen at your own company, take a look at his book:
let my people go surfing; the education of a reluctant businessman

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  1. Thanks to Kevin and the whole team at QuestionPro for selecting such a great group of beneficiaries and for organizing the 1% giving program. We were inspired by your decision and have selected QuestionPro as one of our tools. http://www.careusa.org