Expectation Vs. Delivery – Gap Analysis

A new question type has been added to the QuestionPro survey system to specifically run comparisons between expectation and delivery. In most cases this realizes itself by asking customers/potential respondents to rate different attributes (Customer Service, On-Time delivery etc.) on an Importance as well as Satisfaction scale.
We are calling this the Side-By-Side Matrix Question (alternative name is Multi-Dimensional Matrix) — this is basically two (or more) matrix questions placed next to each other.

The intrinsic advantage this question type has is the ability to run Gap Analysis automatically. While measuring importance and satisfaction in itself is useful, analyzing the interaction for each of the attributes between expectation (importance) and delivery(satisfaction) allows us to prioritize resources so that we can achieve the most bank for the buck.
What is Gap Analysis?
Fundamentally Gap Analysis is a very simple concept. For each attribute, the difference between the expectation and delivery is measured and sorted from highest to lowest. It effectively highlights the attributes you need to focus on.
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