Label’s for Radiobutton/Checkbox inputs.

We recently came across two customer requirements that we didn’t have an out of the box solution for.
1. Larger checkboxes/radiobuttons for touch screen surveys
2. Ability to check a checkbox/radiobutton by clicking on the answer text
While we were researching for good solutions for both the issues, we came across a suggestion from one of our customers, Richard Tea. Richard suggested that we use Label tags to check the checkboxes/radiobuttons when corresponding answer text is clicked.
Richard suggestion was an excellent solution for us. It satisfied both of the above requirements. For touch screen surveys, users can increase the font size of the answer text to 14 pt. This should make the answer text size large enough to enable respondents to check the appropriate option from the touch screen.
Our sincere thanks to Richard Tea.

Viraj Patil

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