Transactional Survey – Practical Tips from GreatBrook

Transactional (or event driven) surveys are the hottest item right now within the online research/surveying business. Fred Van Bennekom from GreatBrook consulting has put together a list of seven or eight practical items to think about while building out your transactional surveying process.
The main points are:
1. Keep It Short
2. Use Random Sampling
3. Implement a Service Recovery (Complaint Handling) System Concurrent with the Event Survey Program
4. Consider Different Survey Administrative Methods.
5. How Often & How Soon to Survey
6. Outsource Surveys Versus In-House Execution
7. Pilot Test Your Surveys
8. Don’t Abuse The Survey and Your Respondents
Full Article:
About GreatBrook:
Great Brook Consulting focuses on managing clients’ customer feedback processes to improve operational processes, develop customer loyalty programs, identify customers in need of service recovery, and improve service and product offerings.

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