Microsoft Vista – Gadgets for QuestionPro

Living and doing business in Seattle (not to mention 80% of my social circle consists of Microsoft Employees) has some amount of impact on us. The latest “cool thing” we are thinking about doing is what Microsoft calls “gadgets” — Frankly this is active desktop re branded.
The idea is simple: When (if ever) Vista releases, it will have intrinsic support for Gadgets – Gadgets can be anything from an RSS feed to a static web page. The idea is to develop a QuestionPro Gadget, that users can “install” on their desktops/portals that gives out real-time statistics on surveys.
We already have an RSS feed for the survey results — so we’d be simply extending that to wrap in a Gadget that QuestionPro customers could install and get real time stats without having to login to QuestionPro.
Google already has this with their “Personalized Home Page” – If we do this, we’d probably do it for both Windows Live/Vista and Google.

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