Talking with the Gurus – CRM that is…

A couple of days ago we had an very interesting discusstion with Bob Thompson the CEO and Founder of CRMGuru is one of the top sites for resources and deep know-how on CRM related issues.
I liked Bob’s (and CRMGuru’s) approach to the issue of CRM – they view it as a “Customer Centricity” issue as opposed to many others who view CRM as an Informational Technology issue. Bob was in Seattle for some business meetings and we caught up with him over lunch at the Pyramid Brewery right across Safeco Field.
We had quite a bit of discussion surrounding the hype (and the debunking) of the Net Promoter Score by Fred Rechield. I found it really interesting to note that a couple of “deep thinking” PHD’s had produced a paper basically stating that the Net Promoter Score has no relevance to profitability. This article by Neil Morgan is scheduled to be part of an upcoming issue of the Marketing Science Journal.
The argument was that the “Top Box” Satisfaction Score (How satisfied are you with a product/service) itself was the best indicator and predictor of profitability.
It’s obvious that there is no “One Solution Fit’s All” answer here. We are not phd’s, but anecdotally it seems that the Net Promoter is geared more towards B2C type environments and the Top Box Scoring mechanism is geared more towards B2B environments.
The good news is that we’re going to partner with CRMGuru over the next year to launch a couple of assesment tools and benchmarking surveys in the CRM world. Bob Thompson has been a QP customer for almost a year now, and we have some good things in common. The funny thing about how Bob actually found QP is by taking another survey (that a colleague of his sent him) — Talk about “Word of Mouth/Viral Markteting!”

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