The Confidence Score – Increasing Reliability of your Panel

We got thinking the other day about ways to increase the reliability and dependability on online research. The question today in not IF companies need to conduct online research, but how can they conduct online research effectively.
With VerticalPanel™ we’ve made panel management and incentive management easier. However we are still thinking about not only ways to conduct research easier, but also make it more reliable.
One such solution is our upcoming “Confidence Score™” measurement. The Confidence Score™ is a score assigned to each panel member based on a couple of factors:
– Country of Origin (IP Address Reverse Mapping)
– Demograpic Details Re-Questioning
– Time taken to complete a survey is within 1-Standard Deviation of the average
– Other Parameters?
We would like to know if you have other parameters that we should consider as we develop this solution. Let us know what you think.

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