The qPoint Reward System for VerticalPanel™

We had some initial discussions with Thomas Novak from Vanderbilt’s eLab and Gregg Van Rhyzin from eTownPanel who introduced the idea behind the weighted point system as compensation for panel members.
We are currently in the process of rolling out the qPoint system to be part of VerticalPanel™ – Panel Management Software.
The qPoint (Weighted Point System) allows you to combine the notion of instant gratification along with the weekly/monthly pick-a-winner drawing system.
The qPoint system works in the following way:
* Panel Members are rewarded “Points” for filling out surveys, referring friends etc.
* Members can login and check their Point balance anytime.
* When selecting winners (Drawing etc.) VerticalPanel™ will automatically “weight” the panel members with more points to have a propotionally better chance of winning.
* The probability of any panel member winning is a direct function of his points relative to the total points awarded for the panel as a whole.
I would like to give a special thank you to both Tom Novak and Gregg Van Rhyzin (Survey Research Director for CUNY) who helped us in talking through the solution that we’ve implemented.
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